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Rob Wiens- Ovation Hearing Founder When I talked to friends and family that had hearing aids, in many cases they are spending thousands of dollars on a hearing aid, and it just didn't meet their expectations. I later learned that only one out of five people that have a hearing loss, actually have a hearing aid. We believe because the cost is so expensive, it just doesn't work for many people. So people are looking for another alternative.

Andy Gass- Ovation Vice President of Operations Without hearing, you can't really connect or engage with the world in the same way so we want to ensure that everybody has the chance to enjoy life; hear the sounds of the world - not just those that can afford it. Traditionally, I think you'll find that there are numerous steps and a lot of different parties involved when you're buying a hearing aid. From the suppliers - or the manufactures - then you have dealers, sales reps, and eventually the doctors and audiologists.

Rob Wiens- Ovation Hearing Founder We sell directly to the customer. You don't have all the different steps in the process so there are significant savings involved when you take the direct approach.

Andy Gass- Ovation Vice President of Operations We are offing the same high quality digital FDA approved hearing aids to our customers; we've just redesigned the buying process a little bit to make it easier and more affordable. We want to make sure that 100% of our customers are satisfied with their purchase. So what we do is offer a risk free trial with all of our hearing aids. In addition to that, we offer complimentary lifetime support. We have an aging population that is going to live longer and we want to make sure that they have access to the products that they need.

Rob Wiens- Ovation Hearing Founder There are tens of millions of people that have a need and at Ovation we think that we can help them.

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