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Ovation Lift - Troubleshooting Video

Video Transcript

If your Ovation Hearing Aid has stopped working, or only works intermittently, perform this simple test to identify the cause and return it to working condition.

Start by removing the wax guard filter. Then place the device in the palm of one hand and cup your other hand over the top of the device. At this point, you should hear a squealing sound or feedback coming from the device. If you do not hear any sounds coming from the device, your unit may be defective.

If you do hear squealing sounds, that means your device is in proper working condition and your problem lies elsewhere.

The most common reason a hearing aid will stop working is earwax buildup. To address this issue, replace the wax guard filter on your hearing aid with a new one.

If you are still having issues with your hearing aid please call one of our customer care representatives at 1-800-595-8101 for additional help.

Thank you for choosing Ovation Hearing.

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