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Gently rests in your ear for maximum concealment.

Best value behind-the-ear, pre-programmed hearing aid.

Best-selling advanced hearing aid comparable to devices costing thousands more.

Bluetooth model that puts you in control of crystal clear hearing.
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The Technology Behind Our Hearing Aids
Type In the canal Behind the ear Behind the ear Behind the ear
Noise Reduction Advanced Advanced
Feedback Cancellation Advanced Advanced
Custom Programmable to Your Audiogram Self-adjustable via Bluetooth App
Product Details

Ovation Standard Hearing Aid Tips are intended for the Ovation Standard Hearing Aids. Using the proper size hearing aid tip is an essential part of a properly functioning hearing aid. Finding a secure fit and replacing the tips help your hearing aid perform and fit better. It is recommended that dome tips be replaced about once every 3 months for optimal performance.

Technical Specifications

3 sizes available for optimal fit: small, medium, large

Each size includes 4 tips

May be used for the left or right ear

Meant for Ovation Standard Hearing Aid only

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