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Standard Digital Hearing Aid
by Ovation

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Gently rests in your ear for maximum concealment.

Best value behind-the-ear, pre-programmed hearing aid.

Best-selling advanced hearing aid comparable to devices costing thousands more.

Bluetooth model that puts you in control of crystal clear hearing.
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The Technology Behind Our Hearing Aids
Type In the canal Behind the ear Behind the ear Behind the ear
Noise Reduction Advanced Advanced
Feedback Cancellation Advanced Advanced
Custom Programmable to Your Audiogram Self-adjustable via Bluetooth App
Product Details

While small in size, the Ovation Standard is packed with some of the most advanced digital technology available today. This device offers maximum concealment by sitting gently in your ear canal and comes with multiple sizes of ear tips to ensure a proper fit.

Each device comes with:

dome tips // 24 batteries // 1 cleaning brush // 1 storage case // 1 user guide

Technical Specifications

The most advanced digital audio technology available - almost the identical technology that is being used in much higher priced traditional hearing aids

Industry-leading Adaptive Feedback Cancellation technology, which virtually eliminates annoying howling and whistling sounds

Wide Dynamic Range Compression which balances the range of sounds in any listening environment - making soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable

State-of-the-art Layered Noise Reduction makes having a conversation easier and more enjoyable. When speech is present, it is enhanced while background noise is reduced. When speech isn't present, but then starts up, it is immediately audible - no delays - and you'll never experience annoying loudness-change effects

Easy to operate - adjust the volume with the tip of your finger

Height: 0.75" Width: 0.50" Thickness: 0.25"

Battery Life: 5-7 days per battery, depending on use conditions

Multiple ear tip sizes to ensure proper fit

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

One year manufacturer warranty

Ovation Standard User Guide

Product Q & A
Q: I am 83 on Medicare, do they help pay or can they be billed?
A: We don't work with insurance companies, but you could probably ask your insurance if you can submit a claim to them after you purchase.
Q: It says that your hearing aids come preprogrammed. Does this mean they are programmed for the most common type of hearing loss, in the high frequencies?
A: Some of our hearing aids have different listening programs you can switch between. The Standard only has volume control.
Q: If I am riding my motorcycle(I wear a half helmet) would I have to remove them or do I keep them in?
A: This is going to depend on how it feels for you. It goes inside your ear so it shouldn't be affected by the exterior. You do have 60 days to try it out and see how it works for you.
A: Here are the dimensions of the Ovation Standard Hearing Aid: Height: 0.75" Width: 0.50" Thickness: 0.25"
Q: Will the Standard hearing aid help hearing over the ringing in my ear?
A: Unfortunately our hearing aids are not meant to help with tinnitus or ringing in the ears.
Q: I had to be molded for my hearing aids I have now would need to do that with yours ?
A: You would not need to have the hearing aids molded. You can simply order them on our website.
Q: what is the decebile rating on this hearing aid
A: Here are the technical specifications: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Average saturation output: 111 dB SPL Average full-on gain: 108 dB SPL Peak gain: 42 dB Reference test gain: 31 dB Frequency range: 200 –6600 Hz Total harmonic distortion: < 3% Equivalent input noise: < 32 dB SPL Battery current drain: .8 mA Induction coil sensitivity: n/a Attack: 6 mS Release: 30 mS
Q: Are these FDA approved? If not, could you tell us which of your products are? Thank you.
A: These hearing aids are FDA registered. Thank you.
Q: I am thinking about purchasing a Standard aid. If I send an Audiological Evaluation to you will you tune the aid for my hearing needs?
A: The Standard hearing aid comes preprogrammed. If you would like a customized hearing aid that would be the Boost model.
Q: I asked this question awhile back and have not heard anything. When using a cell phone, some say when they use a cell, they have different noises in there hearing aids.
A: We haven't had any customers complain of problems using a cell phone when using our hearing aids. With our return policy, you could try it out, and if you have any issues you can return for a full refund within 60 days.
Q: Can or will the wrong size tip come off and get stuck in your ear?
A: The tip should not come off in your ear. If the tip is too small you won't be able to hear as well if the tip is larger. But it's all based on individual fit.
Q: How well does you device work with a person who has 'tenidis'.(probably spelt that wrong, but ringing in the ears.)
A: Our hearing aids are designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. We do offer a 60 day return policy, so that can give you some time to get use to them. I haven't heard any specific feedback from customers with Tinnitus.
Q: How long with proper care will the aid last?
A: We have customers that have purchased hearing aids from us and they've had them for at least two years! With proper care they should last multiple years.
Q: I have smaller than avg. diameter ear canals, are your hearing aids sized for canal diameter?
A: They are not. The OVATION Standard Fit comes with three sizes of fitting tips. The tips are designed to provide a comfortable fit for the majority of ear canal sizes. We recommend that you try the different sized tips to determine which feels and sounds most comfortable to you. Start with the smallest tip and continue trying larger tip sizes until you are satisfied with a snug (but not tight) and comfortable fit.
Q: If they do not fit or work for me, what is the cost to return them? Can a person sleep with them in the ear?
A: All Ovation Hearing Aids come with a 60-Day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, call us within 60 days of receiving your order to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and instructions on how to return your device. It is not recommended to sleep with them in your ears.
Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Several factors affect battery life, including average hours used during the day and the noise level of the environment. An average battery typically lasts 1 - 2 weeks.
Q: Is the 60 day Guarantee unconditional?
A: While we of course will ask the reason for the return (uncomfortable fit, performance not up to expectations, etc), the trial is available regardless of return reason. Please note we do reserve the right to not accept a return if a device was damaged through mishandling.
Q: would these hearing aids helpa person with a severe to profound hearing problem?
A: The Standard is designed to assist with Mild to Moderate loss, so a person with Severe to Profound hearing loss would likely experience very little assistance if any.

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Customer Reviews
"Thank you. " - Gerry
Pros: Thank you so much about your inquiry of the hearing aids I ordered. First, I enjoy the fact that they are in the ear, not bte's. I wear glasses plus use oxygen therefore, have enough things on top of my ear lobe. They worked as well as the $5k hearing aids I have had for about 5 years.

"great experience" - Dom E.
Pros: First let say that my experience with your customer service was outstanding, my initial problems were handled to my total satisfaction. Although my hearing loss is only moderate the hearing aid has allowed me to hear sounds that has escaped me for years, in addition my wife is happy that I am not asking her to repeat herself as often, so I guess you made two folks happy! Thanks.

"Good aid, short batteries" - Bill Twon
Pros: The aid works very good.
Cons: The only complaint is that the batteries do not last very long.

"Update after use" - Rafael
Pros: Have been wearing them almost all day.
Some times, I don't feel I have them in my ears.
I know there IN because of the hearing improvement.

Once again thank you for letting me hear sounds I had forgotten what they sounded like.
I am able to enjoy the outdoors and at work I can understand my colleagues.

As an Aviation Maintenance Advisor and you have improved my communication 1000 times over.
Cons: The only drawback is having to block out the loud sound of the aircrafts' when outside of the hangar.
Maybe you can implement a loud sound suppression, as some of the newer headsets available.

"Standard Hearing Aids" - Rafael J
Pros: Thank you for your prompt delivery.
I'm very happy so far.
Wear them a couple of hours in the day, still trying to get accustomed to them.
I have Tinnitus and they have helped me hear better at the meetings.
Will keep you posted at a later date.

Thank you for your support

"comfortable in my ear" - Ruthanne
Pros: They are comfortable in my ears. I hear the water running into the dishwasher before I just heard the agitation.
Cons: Sometimes one of the other won’t work. One time because I left them in the bathroom another time I don’t know... the right one would keep squealing and the other wouldn’t work at all. I was going to call you today and tell you about it I haven’t use them for three days, but I decided to try them first and now they’re working. I don’t know what the trouble was.

"Over The Counter Hearing Aid" - Donna Ren
Pros: I love my hearing aid.

"Unbeatable" - Nikki
Pros: At this price point, this hearing aid cannot be beat. Could buy 6 of these for the cost of my last pair. If this breaks, I've no problem ordering more and still saved significantly over other devices.

"Happy with hearing aids" - PJ
Pros: Just a note to let you know that I am very happy with the hearing aids. They are easy to adjust the level of hearing, and I am quite happy with them. The price for this level of aids is REALLY reasonable. Thank you!!

"Hearing Aid Replacement" - Carl
Pros: Needed hearing aid to replace old one that cost about $1000.00, Surfed the internet and decided to order the Ovation Standard and am pleased and the cost was within in my budget. Does everything I need to improve my Hearing.
Thank You.

"Happy!" - Jan
Pros: I am extremely happy with my new ear piece . It has replaced an old one and now I can hear so much better . I paid over a thousand dollars for the one I now have in my left ear and I am not happy with it . Thank you so much for helping me . Yours truly Jan

"Device great, service better!" - Larry G.
Pros: I really like the first hearing aid I received from your company. I actually ended up breaking the little battery door at the hinge and you were able to fix it right away so I was very appreciative of that. I ended up ordering another one for a back-up because I just don't want to be without one of these!

"Great hearing aids" - Mike
Pros: Great hearing aids. They work very well for me. Have great sound and very little if any background noise.

"GREAT" - Virg
Pros: This hearing aid is great. No problems at all. Was so happy that it was perfect. Replaces two old cic hearing aids that have been used for the last 12 years.

"Great help" - Obe
Pros: After having tried several hearing aids I finally found one that works for me. I have spent thousands on hearing aids and now I am going to order another one for the right ear. I can hear again.

"Works For Me" - Kevin K.
Pros: This Ovation hearing device is similar to a unit a friend had, and he recommend I look into it. I was most interested in the discreet size of the hearing aid. I can easily use it without advertising that I'm wearing a hearing aid. Thank you.

"High on performance...Low on comfort" - Karen
Pros: The hearing aid performs very well. I need help hearing at church & class (I am taking an art class school) and this works very well. It did take a few weeks to get used to it, but it definitely helps my situation.
Cons: Unfortunately, I still am not fully used to the way it feels in my ear. After wearing for more than a couple hours, I need to remove and take a break. Hopefully this gets better too, with time.

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