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Excel Digital Hearing Aid
by Ovation

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Gently rests in your ear for maximum concealment.

Best value behind-the-ear, pre-programmed hearing aid.

Best-selling advanced hearing aid comparable to devices costing thousands more.

Bluetooth model that puts you in control of crystal clear hearing.
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The Technology Behind Our Hearing Aids
Type In the canal Behind the ear Behind the ear Behind the ear
Noise Reduction Advanced Advanced
Feedback Cancellation Advanced Advanced
Custom Programmable to Your Audiogram Self-adjustable via Bluetooth App
Product Details

The Ovation Excel is the next-generation hearing solution that is specifically designed to turn up the volume on your hearing, but at a fraction of the price of a traditional hearing aid. Combining the same core technology as much higher priced devices with our exclusive universal pre-programmed settings, the Ovation Excel can help you enjoy all the sounds you've been missing. The Excel features a nearly-invisible mini-BTE design and comes equipped with 4 unique listening programs and an on-device volume control.

Each device comes with:

3 closed tips // 3 open tips // 24 batteries // 2 tubes // 1 cleaning brush // 1 cleaning wire // 1 storage case // 1 user guide

Technical Specifications

Innovative QuickFit programming feature lets you select from among 4 unique listening programs, allowing you to customize your device to your specific hearing needs and the environment around you

Fast-acting Sound Activated Compression which balances the range of sounds in any listening environment - making soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable

Advanced digital audio technology, featuring the same core technology as much higher priced traditional hearing aids

Cutting edge Automatic Feedback Control, which virtually eliminates annoying howling and whistling sounds

Small and lightweight mini-BTE design is nearly invisible

On-device volume control

Height: 1.0" Width: 0.50" Thickness: 0.18"

Battery Life: 5-7 days per battery, depending on use conditions

Multiple ear tip sizes and styles to ensure proper fit

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

One year manufacturer warranty

Ovation Excel User Guide

Product Q & A
Q: If I buy one for the left ear but find out that the right ear is the problem, Can I return it within the 60 days and exchange it for the other side?
A: Yes, you can!
Q: Does the aid have repairable parts?
A: All of our devices come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. If the device needs to be repaired at any time, you can contact us at 1-800-595-8101 or [email protected]
Q: How much are the batteries and how long they last?
A: A 24 pack of batteries costs $14.99 and each battery typically lasts anywhere from three to seven days.
Q: I Have Tinnitis can your hearing aids help?
A: You may notice some improvement with your Tinnitus specifically, however there's no guarantee it will completely go away. You are still welcome to try the hearing aids and see if they do help since you have a 60 day trial period.
Q: What is the main difference between the Boost and Excel?
A: The main differences between the Boost and the Excel is the size, the controls and the frequencies. The Boost is going to be slightly larger with an additional button (that controls the programs) and it addresses hearing loss a little past moderate. The Excel is a more basic model where the Boost has added features.
Q: I fly internationally. Are your hearing aids affected by the changes in air pressure in a commercial passenger jet?
A: Flying should have no affect on the performance of our hearing aids.
Q: Do you accept Care Credit?
A: No, we do not accept care credit.
Q: Do you have a rechargeable model?
A: Our devices do not use rechargeable batteries.
Q: do you have an AARP discount?
A: Unfortunately we do not offer an AARP discount.
Q: Hi . I was wondering what happens if you have a more severe hearing loss in one ear ...
A: Our hearing aids are for mild to moderate hearing loss. If your hearing loss is more toward the severe range then our hearing aids may not be very effective for you. You do have 60 days to try them out and see if they help you!
Q: what too buy one aid hearing loss about the same both ears which one left or right better
A: If your hearing loss is the same in both ears, than there would be no difference. It would just be personal preference.
Q: Price of bye excellent and is financing available?
A: I'm not sure what you mean by "bye excellent". You can select Paypal Credit when checking out to have a monthly payment plan with PayPal, but we do not offer financing.
Q: How can I get a custom made molded ear peace?
A: Unfortunately our hearing aids are not custom made/molded. They are one size and can be ordered directly from the site. You can try them out for 60 days to see if they fit well.
Q: if I have my prescription for hearing aids do you set the hearing aids up with my prescription.
A: We can certainly custom program your device if you order the Boost model instead.
Q: Do you offer a warranty or insurance in case of damage or loss?
A: There is a one year warranty but it would not cover the loss of the hearing aid.
Q: Do you have a hearing aids for severe hearing.
A: Unfortunately all of our hearing aids are intended for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.
Q: what is the difference in the open tip and the closed tip
A: The difference between the tips is really based on personal preference. The closed tips are going to allow for a snugger fit for some and there are no holes to allow for air. We supply both open & closed so the customer can determine what works best for them!
Q: Are these hearing aids or hearing amplifiers?
A: The Ovation Excel is a hearing aid, not an amplifier.
Q: How do these work for someone that wears glasses
A: We offer four different types of hearing aids, two behind the ear and two in the ear. It really will depend on how you were your glasses. Do the temples curve to fit the shape of your ear or do you wear your glasses lower on your nose and the temples are straight and rest just on the top of your ears? You can always try one to see what works best for you, either in the ear or behind the ear. You have 60 days after purchase to see if it will work for you!
Q: Do you have a water resesdent hearing aid?
A: Unfortunately our hearing aids are not water resistant. You will need to remove them when bathing or showering.
Q: What are the 4 programs in the excel model
A: The four listening levels are as follows: General indoor use, i.e watching TV Noisy indoor use, i.e restaurant General outdoor use, i.e beach or park Noisy outdoor use, i.e. sports events
Q: What is the reference to a Telecoil for a behind the ear h-aid?
A: A telecoil in a hearing aid functions as a wireless antenna that links into a sound system and delivers customized sound to the listener. Our hearing aids do not have this function.
Q: are these aids manufactured in the USA or China
A: The hearing aid technology is developed in the USA, and the hearing aids are manufactured in China.
Q: does the excel have telecoil
A: Our Hearing Aid Models do not have Telecoil.

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Customer Reviews
"Much improved Hearing" - Jim
Pros: Good quality product. Is not noticeable to others. The Customer Service is Excellent, beyond expectations.
Cons: none

"Great option" - Jeff K
Pros: Saw the recommendation on the Doctors TV show. Then I saw you were a MN company. Ordered and received in 2 days. Working very well me. I have poor hearing in my left ear only. And this is a solution that is well worth the $300. Thanks.

"Excel" - Betty JS
Pros: I have had my Excel model about 2 weeks now and used it just around the house. Last night I wore it to a noisy gym for a martial arts class and it worked wonderfully. I could make out all the instructor's words even with all that background noise. Many thanks. You have a great product.

"Appreciate it...." - Samuel M
Pros: my wife really appreciates the ovation hearing aid

"Pleased with performance" - Barbara U
Pros: I received my hearing aid on 3-26-18 and have been very pleased with it so far. I got my aid for the right ear in
2005 from an audiologist that was very expensive. I was checked again in 2014 for the left ear but I was not willing to pay so much for another one. I am a retired nurse nearing 80 and saw your company advertised on The Doctors after hoping someone would offer an alternative to amplifiers and aids with such high prices. My aid for the right is in the ear and has always felt very secure but I wanted to try the over the ear the doctors talked about. Thank you for giving us old folks a more reasonable choice.
Cons: It doesn't feel secure and I'm so afraid of losing it that I wish to return it and order the Standard model. I wear glasses and the over the ear felt so loose but otherwise I was pleased that my hearing was much improved. I will call the number from your email to request a change.

"Thanks" - Garnett
Pros: I want to thank you for the chance to hear everyone talking. The doctors had it on there show I can’t tell I am wearing it it’s great, thank you.

"First time using hearing aids" - Leonard
Pros: These are the first hearing aids I’ve ever worn and I couldn’t be happier with them. They took some getting used to the first couple weeks, but now that I've had them for almost 3 months I couldn’t imagine paying thousands of dollars when these give me everything I need. I tried a bunch of ear tips they sent me and found the zip tips worked best for me.

"Better than expected" - Paul
Pros: I purchased a set of Excel hearing aids right before my 40 year class reunion. I was a bit worried I would look like the old guy in the room, but most of my classmates didn’t even notice I was wearing them. And the Noisy indoor program was perfect for that night. It really help me enjoy the conversation at dinner much more than I would have expected.

"Just Like They Said" - Stu
Pros: The Ovation Hearing Aids work as advertised. They work as well as the $3,700 [brand name removed] devices that I tried!

"Took the leap!" - Swami
Pros: So far the hearing aid seems to be working very well. I am glad I took this adventurous step of mail ordering relying on the information you had in the description of your company.

"Good Aids" - John Lillie
Pros: I purchased the "2 hearing aid" package from Ovation Hearing. These were similar to what I was looking at in the store. So far they have worked well for me. I kept them through the return period, so now I hope they continue to work.
Cons: Nothing Yet.

"enjoy them" - Sharon
Pros: These hearing aids came recommended to me by my son. Though not suffering from hearing loss, he knew enough about my hearing loss to investigate and find an affordable solution. They work very well. He's happy I can now hear him. And I'm happy too. :)

"Pleased With Excel" - GL
Pros: Overall, I am a pleased customer. A standard hearing aid that doesn't have too many bells & whistles. I suppose for the price, it's right on target.
Cons: I would rather have them programmed to my hearing loss, but wasn't willing to pay more to go up to the next level hearing aid from them.

"BTE hearing aid" - JPJ
Pros: Very happy with my purchase. I had difficulty hearing in indoor settings with background noise. This doesn't eliminate the background, but it amplifies enough of the good noise which makes it easier to listen. Thank you.

"Thank you!!" - Barbara
Pros: I spent several weeks last year trying out a hearing aid of similar design but priced at $5,000.
Your product is wonderful! So far I cannot detect any difference in the sound quality. I am delighted with my find, and my family is very pleased.
Except for the ability to use my iPhone to control the settings not being available, I frankly cannot see the difference. Time will tell in terms of how it holds up.
My plan is to order the other left side if this continues to function so well.
Thank you again! Very satisfied customer!

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