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Excel Accessory Kit
by Ovation

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Gently rests in your ear for maximum concealment.

Best value behind-the-ear, pre-programmed hearing aid.

Best-selling advanced hearing aid comparable to devices costing thousands more.

Bluetooth model that puts you in control of crystal clear hearing.
Price $299 $299 $399 $699
The Technology Behind Our Hearing Aids
Type In the canal Behind the ear Behind the ear Behind the ear
Noise Reduction Advanced Advanced
Feedback Cancellation Advanced Advanced
Custom Programmable to Your Audiogram Self-adjustable via Bluetooth App
Product Details

Caring for your Ovation Excel Hearing Aid is easy with one of our all-inclusive accessory kits. Our accessory kits include enough supplies to last most users for 4 to 6 months. We've included ear tips, ear tubes, cleaning tools and 24 batteries - giving you everything you need to keep your device functioning at its highest level. Simply select Left Ear or Right Ear and which type of ear tip you prefer from the Product Options menu above.

Technical Specifications

What's included:

2 ear tubes (Right or Left)

4 ear tips

24 batteries (size 10)

1 cleaning brush

1 cleaning wire

Product Q & A
Q: Do you have a tip that is between adult small and child large?
A: Hello Vivian, We only have 3 sizes available for our tips: Small, Medium and Large. These are generally intended for adults. Thank you!
Q: Can I specify what size ear bud to include in kit?
A: Hi Tom, All of our hearing aids come in just one size. Some of them do include tips and we will send you the three sizes we carry in those, small, medium & large. That way you can choose the best fit for you! Thank you, Ovation Hearing
Q: On average how long do batteries last?
A: With typical use, batteries generally last 5-7 days. This can change depending on how many hours a day you use the devices, as well as what setting you have it on. Generally, the louder the device needs to be, the quicker it will go through a battery. To help the battery last as long as possible, make sure to open the battery door when the device is not in use. That functions as the "Off" switch, limiting the drain on the battery when not in use.

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