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Ovation Drybox Avantgarde

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The Drybox 3.0 Avantgarde uses convection to remove the moisture from your hearing device and release it through the ventilated lid. In doing so, it also eliminates germs on the device through the UVC irradiation. This results in significant improvements in the life of your hearing device. It can be used for all types of hearing devices, including Behind-The-Ear (BTE), In-The-Ear (ITE), and In-The-Canal (ITC) models. It will significantly prolong the useful life of your hearing device.

Returns for the Ovation Drybox Avantgarde are only accepted if the product is in new and unused condition.

Technical Specifications

User-friendly operation via touch key and status display

99.9% germ reduction through UVC irradition

Energy efficient, safe, processor-controlled

Choice of two different drying programs

Comes with: Drybox, power adapter (with micro-USB cord), manual, and cleaning cloth

Product Q & A
Q: Quite a few of these drying/uv drying boxes do not require removal of batteries before initiating the drying process. Apparently Avantgarde requires removal of the batteries before placing hearing aids in this dry box. Why is that?
A: The Drybox Avantgarde doesn’t specifically require the batteries to be removed, only that the battery door be opened to allow the interior to dry sufficiently. As for removing the battery, that can still be beneficial so as to increase airflow to the interior of the device, as well as reduce the chance of an adverse reaction with the battery itself when subjected to dry air and UV light.
Q: How long last this unit using in a proper way?
A: The Ovation Drybox Avantgarde when used frequently and properly will show significant improvements in the life of your hearing device.

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