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Boost Digital Hearing Aid
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Gently rests in your ear for maximum concealment.

Best value behind-the-ear, pre-programmed hearing aid.

Best-selling advanced hearing aid comparable to devices costing thousands more.

Bluetooth model that puts you in control of crystal clear hearing.
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The Technology Behind Our Hearing Aids
Type In the canal Behind the ear Behind the ear Behind the ear
Noise Reduction Advanced Advanced
Feedback Cancellation Advanced Advanced
Custom Programmable to Your Audiogram Self-adjustable via Bluetooth App
Product Details

The Ovation Boost is our most popular model and gives you the greatest amount of control over your hearing. Whether you choose a pre-programmed model or want the device to be programmed to your audiogram results, the Ovation Boost will come equipped with 4 unique listening programs, and an on-device volume control. Simply put, the Ovation Boost will give you the freedom to hear what you want, when you want in nearly any setting.

Each device comes with:

3 closed tips // 3 open tips // 24 batteries // 2 tubes // 1 cleaning brush // 1 cleaning wire // 1 storage case // 1 user guide

Technical Specifications

The most advanced digital audio technology available - almost the identical technology that is being used in much higher priced traditional hearing aids

Industry-leading Adaptive Feedback Cancellation technology, which virtually eliminates annoying howling and whistling sounds

State-of-the-art Layered Noise Reduction makes having a conversation easier and more enjoyable. When speech is present, it is enhanced while background noise is reduced. When speech isn't present, but then starts up, it is immediately audible - no delays - and you'll never experience annoying loudness-change effects

Wide Dynamic Range Compression which balances the range of sounds in any listening environment - making soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable

Pre-programmed with 4 listening settings and is able to be custom programmed to your audiogram results.

On-device volume control

Height: 1.25" Width: 0.50" Thickness: 0.25"

Battery Life: 5-7 days per battery, depending on use conditions

Multiple ear tip sizes and styles to ensure proper fit

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

One year manufacturer warranty

Send us your hearing test results (audiogram) to have our audiologist program this device to your specific needs. Email to [email protected] or fax to (952) 544-1643. Or, order a device with 4 pre-programmed, universal settings that address the vast majority of the most common hearing difficulties.

Ovation Boost User Guide

Product Q & A
Q: Do I need do an audiogram before I buy a boost digital hearing aid?
A: Hello, we do not require an audiogram to be completed before purchasing any of our hearing aids. For the Boost device, because it is custom programmable we do often recommend having an audiogram done for the best results though it is not mandatory. Thank you for reaching out!
Q: My 99 year old father has severe hearing loss, if I am buying the boost product for him, can I purchase just one, or do I have to buy two of the boost products because of his severe hearing loss. can these products be used without an additional hearing examination. Thank You.
A: Yes, you can buy just one! We can send them pre-programmed without a hearing test. However, I will let you know that our hearing aids do not help with severe hearing loss and only help with mild to moderate loss.
Q: What can I do with my hearing aid got wet?
A: You can open the battery door, and set it on top of a bowl of fresh dry rice overnight. This should help to remove the moisture. If that doesn't work, please call us, and we can see about repairing it for you. There would be a repair fee. We can be reached at 1-800-595-8101.
Q: My right ear might be considered severe, If I order both sides and I don't like the right side of hearing aid, can I just return the right side of hearing aid and get refund ?
A: Yes, you can return just one for a refund as long as it's within 60 days of receiving it. -Thank you!
Q: how many microphone does ovation boost have in their hearing aids
A: One microphone.-Thank you!
Q: does ovation have 2 microphones?
A: The hearing aids have one microphone -Thank you!
Q: I live in the Philippines and have 2 aids provided by Miracle ear that are programmable. Do you ship here, or have a contact here?
A: Unfortunately we do not ship outside the U.S. at this time.
Q: what size battery does the boost use
A: The Boost uses size 312 batteries.
Q: How can I purchase replacement parts for my Boost?
A: We have accessories that you can just order right on our website.
Q: Is this made in USA
A: The technology for the hearing aids is made here in the USA but they are manufactured overseas. Thank you!
Q: How much does it cost to get a audiogram and where can i get one, i live in Sioux Center Iowa. i do wear glasses ,but i would like to try the programable one first ,if i do not like it,may i exchange it for a in the ear because i wear glasses ,which one is best with glasses?
A: Hi Dale, As far as wearing your glasses, I haven't heard of too many people having issues. If you are concerned, or you want to switch devices, you can do that. As long as you are within 60 days of receiving them. Unfortunately I am not sure where you can get a hearing test done or the cost. Thank you!
Q: If I purchase aids without first getting the audio test can I return the aids with audio testing results and then get them programmed?
A: Absolutely - custom programming is free. When ready to have the aids programmed to your specific audiogram/hearing test results, simply contact us to request return instructions to send the aids back for custom programming.
A: Hi Melinda, Our hearing aids should definitely help you. They should certainly help if your hearing loss is overall, mild to moderate. I would recommend sending in your audiogram so that it can be custom programmed for your specific hearing loss. Thank you!
Q: Do they come in different colors?
A: Yes, they all are available in a beige/flesh tone. Then we have additional colors for select devices, the Excel comes in silver, the Boost comes in Graphite and the Lift comes in black.
Q: I have total loss of hearing in right ear. Some loss in left. Do you have a hearing aid that would feed sound from my right side to the left??
A: Our devices are for mild to moderate hearing loss and are designed to amplify sound for each individual ear.
Q: Are these products hearing aids or Amplifiers?
A: These products are hearing aids.
Q: I have a High Frequency loss above 2,000 HZ. Would 1 of your 4 Digital programs boost the haigh-end frequency by 80db?
A: We have charts for each of the models which show the input/output levels. Here is a link to the user guide for the Lift model which shows the chart.. https://www.ovationhearing.com/skin/frontend/ovation/default/images/ovationliftuserguide.pdf We can also program the Boost model to your hearing test.
Q: The "Ovation Boost will come equipped with 4 unique listening programs." Are you saying that all 4 are installed on the device? And if so, how are they individually selected?
A: The four programs come installed on the device and are selected by pressing and holding a button on the device itself.
Q: I have a mid 60,s hearing loss and have aids from Costco purchased approx 6 years ago can yours be programmed for this percent of loss
A: We are not audiologists, but I can tell you the Boost hearing aid can be programmed to your audio gram. All of our hearing aids are intended for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.
Q: how does it w9ork on the phone
A: Our hearing aids will work like any other on the phone. You can adjust it to what helps you hear the clearest.
Q: Are the Boost aids effective for moderate to severe hearing loss? Can they be reprogrammed at later date?
A: Our products are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. They are programmable as well.
Q: I wear glasses. Will these hearing aids interfere with my glasses?
A: This answer varies based on how you wear your glasses. If this is a concern for you we do offer 2 in the ear hearing aids.
Q: I have hearing lost with tinnitus issue. Do you have any device that may help?
A: Our products are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, the will not help with tinnitus.
Q: can i buy a remote control to eliminate necessity to open and close the device. small batery is difficult to handle
A: Our hearing aids to don't come with remote controls, nor do we sell them.
Q: I have sensorneural hearing loss in one ear caused by shotgun blast next to ear. What can you offer me? This happened 12 years ago so I would have to supply you with another audiogram for programming.
A: Our products are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. If you fall into this category, then our Boost hearing aid will work for you! Boost is one of our most popular models based on comfort level and price point.
Q: Do I need to see an audiologist before I can order from you?
A: No, you don't need to see an audiologist before you can order from us. Only one of our hearing aids can be programmed to an audio gram. That is the Boost,. but it isn't necessary to purchase the product.
Q: does the boost have telecoil functionality?
A: The Boost does not have telecoil functionality. You can choose a pre-programmed model or have the device programmed to your audiogram results. The Ovation Boost will come equipped with 4 unique listening programs, and an on-device volume control.

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Customer Reviews
"Works great for me" - Ron
Pros: Had trouble hearing some voices on the TV. Now that I have the Boost I can hear all voices clearly. The first Hearing Aid sent didn't work. Called customer service and they replaced it with no questions ask. The replacement works with no problems. Very pleased with product and customer service.

"Quite pleased" - KP
Pros: Using it as back-up and quite pleased. Good value and good performance for an instrument that is 10% of the cost of my custom aids, and about 90% as effective.

"Here goes..." - Margaret B.
Pros: Let me start off by saying thank you for making a quality product that is affordable. When I was told I needed hearing aids the physician said that on average the cost would be $3500. I almost fell out of my chair.

I decided to research a little online and came across your website. The money back guarantee plus the cost helped me make a decision to give your company/product a try. I sent my hearing test results and waited only 2 days for them to show up at the house. they arrived the day before Christmas. I had received the greatest gift ever, my hearing back. Straight out of the box and into my ears. Perfect.

I hadn't realized all that I had been missing. I will recommend this product and your company to everyone I run across that needs hearing aids.

Thank you again.

"Customer Oriented Company" - Phillip R
Pros: Three years ago I purchased hearing aids from Kaiser for about $3,500 and they are full featured and the wire type. I am happy with their performance but have had serious problems with their reliability. After shopping around, I purchased a single Ovation aid as backup. When I received it, I was very happy with it and purchased a second one. I am very impressed with their performance. While they do not have Bluetooth for TV watching and playing music from my phone, they are at least as good for amplification and quality of sound as my Phonex from Kaiser.

When I purchased the second aid, I made a mistake ordering a second left. I called your support line and they sent me the tubes for a right. The ladies were very nice.

So, the bottom line is that I am very happy with Ovation as a company and product.
Cons: I would encourage you to think about a Bluetooth connection to music and TV.

"hearing aid" - Ralph A. M.
Pros: So far so good........relating to my experience with the Ovation hearing aid.

"So far so good..." - Denny W.
Pros: I am happy with my aids so far. My Sweetie's father had purchased aids that were considerably more expensive and these from you and told me he didn't see much difference. They seem to have been easy to get used to which my daughter told me was quite important--"just get some and start using them before it is too late". She is studying Speech Therapy. I am passing the word on about you to my friends, some of whom have paid much more for their aids.

"good" - Clem
Pros: I don't do much computer stuff. I love the aid I got, that says it all. Thank you

"Great product / Fabulous Price" - Deborah P
Pros: I'll tell you.....I'm hearing things I haven't heard in years....like the sound your feet make when you walk across the floor, or a drawer opening on a desk. I was worried I might experience background noise, but I haven't, so I am highly pleased with the hearing aid!! The other very, very good thing I am pleased about, is that I didn't pay the extortion fees associated with buying hearing aids from the audiologist that I went to for a consultation. He told me the hearing aids I would need would cost $5000 - $7000. I was dumbfounded!!! That's when I started researching hearing aids online and found Ovation hearing aids that could be programmed to my audiology report. (That was one of his big "selling points"....they could program their overpriced HA's.)

My only complaint is that my family talks way too loud these days. ;) I guess they've been talking that loud for years and years, but now that I can actually hear again, I'm telling them to lower their voices by a few decibels....LOL

Thanks for a great product at a fabulous price!!

"Worked out very well!" - Michael
Pros: I ordered the Ovation hearing aid for my 15 year old daughter who is having difficulty hearing in her left ear. So far, all auditory tests have shown no problem in her ear but she can’t hear nonetheless. We were told that she would have to go through more doctor visits and tests and would then be “fitted” for a hearing device. In the meantime, she can’t hear her teachers in school (even with the microphone devices they wear around their necks) and needed a quick solution. So far, the Ovation hearing aid has worked out very well. She seems to be going through batteries pretty quickly, but the device works well and has solved her immediate problem. It is easy to use, works as advertised, and arrived in just a few days...she is hearing her teachers and has straight A’s! We will continue to uncover the root of the hearing problem, but that appears to be a lengthy process. She is thankful to have a solution while we discover what is going on.

"Thank you for providing a great product at an affordable price." - Bob S
Pros: Thank you for your email. When my Zounds right aid went belly-up and was not repairable I thought I would try one of the less expensive ones available on-line. That's why I originally bought just the right one, as a trial. As you know I purchased the left one a week or so later. You save me thousands of dollars for an aid from a retailer. I retired since I purchased the Zounds and my needs have changed. I want replaceable batteries vs rechargeable and no longer need the superior noise cancellation the Zounds provided. The Ovation worked beyond my wildest expectations and overall I am very pleased.
Cons: . My only complaint is the accessories available. I tried the different ear tips that came with the aids and determined I only need the small closed ones for both ears. I was disappointed to learn that I must purchase the large and medium tips plus batteries and tubes just to get the SMALL tips. Being on a fixed income every dollar I spend is significant. It would be nice to be able to order ala carte for the accessories.

"Good Job!" - B Snyder
Pros: I used it over the weekend at a family gathering and can't thank you enough. I still haven't tried all 4 controls but am really happy with the default one.

"Customer Service" - Tom
Pros: I ordered both left and right Ovation Boost hearing aids and forwarded my hearing test to Ovation for custom programing. When I received my units-I noticed that the right ear aid was a great improvement for my hearing, but the left ear (which has more loss) wasn't
satisfactory. Ovation emailed me a form and I sent the left unit back for adjustment. Within two days they had my hearing aid re-programed and back in the mail. I got it back today and it works much to my satisfaction. The unit spent more time being mailed than being fixed. GREAT SERVICE- Thank yoy!

"Like my hearing device so far" - R Black
Pros: I do like my hearing aid so far. I am deaf in my right ear and now that I’m in my 60’s I need help to hear clearly. Again so far your hearing aid is doing what was advertised. I am a satisfied customer. I would like to pass on that just having one ear . It would be great to have a hearing aid for my bad ear that would transmit sound to my good ear blend the sound from each side of my head to my hearing aid. I’m sure I’m not alone. Thanks for a outstanding product. Andy

"Working Well" - Terry
Pros: The hearing aids are working well. I did have some trouble with the right side, could not get it to work. I changed the ear tube reinstalled a new battery and the device came on. The only other issue is talking on the phone. I have a flip top phone and not sure how to overcome this. I have to remove one of the aids to talk which I don't care for. Other than that. It is sooooo nice to be able to hear. I have been working on the different settings, exposing the aids to different environments I deal with on a day to day bases. I still have time to decide to keep these or try something else. Battery life is very good. I am now wearing the hearing aids 8 to 10 hours a day with no discomfort at all. I will keep you posted.

"Enjoy Hearing Better!" - Jeanne M
Pros: I have to say I do enjoy hearing and not having to say "what, what, huh, I still can't hear you".

Oh and of course my husband is also grateful, as patient as he is.

I did purchase some Duracell batteries that didn't work as well as the ones you sent so i'm grateful for the extras. I like the small open ear bud tip the best.

Thank you again Jeanne, another happy customer. (you heard me) :)

"Superior" - Joe
Pros: I got it just fine and so far, find it far superior a couple of others I have tried. Thanks Joe

"Boost Hearing Aids" - Don Bak
Pros: So far your company and product surpass my expectations. These are my first hearing aids, so I didn’t really know what to expect. So far they work great and I’m hearing things I haven’t heard in years. Thanks again. Don

"Thank you. Glad I took the chance." - Melvin
Pros: I am a very satisfied customer, although had my doubts as to how well I would like it once it arrived and I started to wear it. It is similar to the one that gave out on me that I paid more at Costco a few years ago. Naturally affording a new pair was going to be costly and wonder of wonders, I was watching "The Doctors" program on tv and they were mentioning the hearing devices from Ovation and how it didn't cost an arm and a leg. Needless to say, I took a chance and am so happy that I did. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to send my hearing test but find that the preset settings work perfectly fine.
Do you think if the future that there will be a device that goes to severe?
I have mentioned it to several of my friends and relatives who may be interested.
Thank you.

"very happy" - Mike M
Pros: I am very happy with the right Boost hearing aid. I plan on buying another for my right left ear. I am waiting for a check from my insurance to confirm that my policy covers these things.

"Great Product and Exceptional Staff" - Ron B.
Pros: I could not be happier with my purchase. The product is great and your staff was exceptional. I regret I don't recall the name of the lady that assisted me, but she was very, very good. Originally I called to ask a few questions regarding the product and the programming ability. She handled the call perfectly, but she really shined when I called back later in the day.

After I had placed my order, I realized that I had placed the order for a left ear in error. (I believe the left ear is your default setting in your computer programming.) I immediately called and lucky for me I got the same person. She was so re-assuring that she would correct the order and would also watch for the audio-gram that I had mentioned I had emailed.

A few days later when my package arrived, indeed she had done as promised and obviously...Did it well. I am grateful!

As for as the product, I have had a Phonak hearing aid since 2011. It served it's purpose, but I never really liked that I couldn't adjust the hearing aid volume myself. I have found that I can hear better, and more confidently in more situations with the Ovation Boost. I cannot speak to longevity, but I would say that comparing the Ovation to the Phonak, I find them comparable in quality, but prefer the Ovation for it's ease of use, care and cleaning. The price difference was amazing, and hopefully more persons with hearing difficulties can take advantage of your wonderful technology.

Thank you again for your wonderful product and the exceptional service that you offer to so many people in need.
Cons: My one request from your company would be that the accessories package offered an "a-la-cart" option. I am a musician and spend a great deal of time using headphones. Because of the heat generated, I find it refreshing to change the domes several times during the day. That gives me the opportunity to cleanse the domes in a anti-bacterial soap and warm water, and allow several days for them to dry completely before re-using them. I certainly don't mind receiving the additional tubes, but I really don't need the number of batteries and brushes that I would receive to build up a supply of fifteen to twenty domes. Just food for thought for your accessories menu.

"Thanks" - Rob S
Pros: Just wanted to thank you for taking care of me---I would recommend your hearing aids and service to anyone. Best of luck to you

"Hearing Aids" - M.A.G.
Pros: So far I like the hearing aids. I have used hearing aids for several years and I like these better.
Cons: That being said, the hearing tubes do not fit well and are too rigid. I would think that the tubes could be of lighter material and be more flexible and/or be designed to fit the ear better. Thanks

"Thank you" - DJ
Pros: I wanted you to know that I have been using my hearing aids now for over a month. I find them as good as I expected them to be. I would rate them 5 star. thanks for saving me a pile of money.

"Boost, Affordable Hearing Aids " - Sharon A.
Pros: I bought these hearing aids for my husband. He is very hard of hearing. We were reluctant to spend thousands for hearing aids from the audiologist but we had bought other hearing aids (amplifiers) several years ago and they just didn't work for him as they magnified the background noise. Before buying the expensive hearing aids I decided to see if there was anything new available and found your site. When the hearing aids arrived my husband tried them immediately and said, "This is wonderful. I can hear everything, but the background noise isn't loud." We were both shocked and delighted. He didn't need any time to adjust to them and it's so nice I can talk to him and he can hear me. He can now hear the crickets and the birds and watch TV without headphones. Thanks for this fine and affordable product!

"Thanks" - Gary B
Pros: Thanks for the hearing aid. So far so good. I would like to commend Eric for his help and guidance while I was testing the hearing aids.

"I'm Impressed" - Jeanner
Pros: When I ordered online I entered a discount code that I saw on Ovation's website. Turns out that code was out-dated. After a chat with Britta, I was allowed to receive that very nice discount on top of the sale on my hearing aids. Immediately after placing my online order I received an email from Ovation Customer Service telling me I ordered 2 left hearing aids when I meant to order 1 right and 1 left. They changed my order. Two - three hours later I received another email from Ovation telling me my order had shipped! AND my new hearing aids were delivered to my house in 2 days! Ovation's Customer Service is outstanding! I am adjusting to my hearing aids, but they seem to be everything I expected them to be. I am not just satisfied...I'M IMPRESSED!

"Am happy with the hearing aids. 4 out of 5 stars." - Nelson R.
Pros: The hearing aids work. Was surprised at how similar the aid performs to my previous device. Will not name the brand, but it cost me nearly 6 times as much. Honestly, I had accepted the fact that hearing aids were expensive. Now, magically overnight, it seems like you can get the devices at a steep discount.

This device lays on the top/back part of my ear comfortably. It's small enough to be hidden when looking from the front and side, but is visible from the back. The tube is clear enough to not cause a distraction and call out that I'm wearing an aid. The original tip I tried was too small, but an alternate was provided and it fit securely and comfortably.

One big advantage on this device is the ease of use. There is one button, and a toggle for volume. They are big enough and far enough apart that there is no confusion with which button I'm pressing and I can turn up or down easily. Surprisingly, it can be tough to push the right button on some aids.

The clarity in quiet situations or environments with a little bit of background noise, is good. It enhances the volume to a level that is crisp and, again, easily adjustable with a toggle switch.

I wear the hearing aids about 80% of the time and am happy with them.
Cons: I can still hear background noise which can be troubling in some scenarios. Being a hearing aid "regular" for over 10 years, I can say that I have yet to find the brand that does this well. Hopefully, through advancements in the technology, this is something that improves.

"The Ovation Hearing Aids" - Tony P
Pros: I ended up buying one for each ear as both ears need help, but even though my right ear is significantly worse. These are the first hearing aids I've had, but have tried amplifiers before. After using for a period of 3 weeks, I am pleased. The type of sounds I hear with these are similar, but clearer than my old amplifiers. The sounds are crisp compared to cloudy/static type sounds. The feeling on the ear is similar, and the price point was more expensive. I was tempted to try hearing aids after talking to my neighbor. These were the cheapest I could find that were hearing aids. Overall, I like them and will keep them. Thank you, Tony.

"Amazing" - Renita M.
Pros: Very pleased with the device. Everything was as expected, except I can't believe the clarity. Apparently my hearing was a little worse than I thought! This price point cannot be beat for quality hearing aids. I did my research. Thank you!

"Ovation Hearing Aid" - Stu
Pros: The Ovation Hearing Aids work as advertised. They work about as well as the $3,700 Resounds that I tried some time ago.

"It Works For Me" - Dee
Pros: I have used a variety of hearing amplifiers and hearing aids. The Ovation is a surprisingly reliable aid that works VERY well for me. I am 83 and was pleased to be able to turn down my car radio from level 15 o level 9. The price is a total winner. Thanks.

"Review for boost" - Tad
Pros: works well for me. You still can see the aid when looking from behind, which is fine with me but may not be for some.

"New Hearing Aids" - Joyce
Pros: I purchased 2 of these aids to replace an old pair that kept losing charge. These were cheaper but look almost identical. After having for over 3 weeks, I will say that they are performing quite well. The range and volume are similar to what I am used to, so it was an easy transition for me.

"Digital BTE Hearing Aid" - Peter
Pros: Pleased with these hearing aids. Have referred 2 friends to this product as they're in the market. Used to be extremely hard to find a digital hearing aid at a good price. Is now available, and more people will take advantage of it. Thank you. Peter

"Truly Wonderful" - Deb
Pros: 5 Stars! These hearing aids have been wonderful. They are every bit as good/powerful as my previous pair which recently broke. Because of the cost, I decided to try them and am very pleased I did. The style, fit and technology all seem up to par and am very pleased with them!

"Decent Hearing Aid" - Matt Kruegs
Pros: Nothing fancy. It serves it's purpose and aids in helping me hear. Hope it lasts longer than my last one from a different manufacturer.

"BTE Digital Hearing Aid" - Char
Pros: Overall, when taking into account the entire package (price, performance, looks & comfort), I'm pleased with this hearing aid. Having done extensive research I settled on this one.

Background: I recognized my hearing slipping about 4 years ago. Not terrible, but noticeable. After a few years of dealing with this "annoyance", I started my research. I received an audiogram which showed I had more significant loss in my right ear. Upon recommendation from the doctor, the hearing aids I originally looked at were $1,900 per aid. I knew they were going to be expensive, and this is about in line with what I was expecting. Before purchasing, I decided to research and dig further to look at my options.

Company: I found Ovation Hearing during my online search, via Google. Not knowing/hearing anything about them, I decided to call. Their representative echoed the website and described the direct to consumer approach, making sense of the steep discount to similar hearing aids I had previously looked at. This, teamed with the "no risk" warranty, made me comfortable enough to purchase.

Performance: (it's my first hearing aid, so I don't have too much to compare to). It helps quite a bit. I find myself going back and forth between 2 volume settings, depending upon the situation and background noises present. While the hearing is not perfect, it is a big step forward and am pleased.

Comfort: The aid rests comfortably on the back of the ear, and the tube & tip are extremely lightweight. I also hear this from my doctor, that the models that sit behind the ear are the most comfortable.

Style: It's small and hidden. No concerns with looks.
Cons: It did take a little while to get used to the type of sounds that were coming through. My own voice seemed loud, but am getting used to that now.

"The Boost" - Thomas
Pros: The Boost hearing aid has given me just that. I didn't know what to expect from them as I had never heard of them. However, the aid has performed well. I have a more difficult time hearing when background noise is present. While this doesn't completely eliminate the background noise, it does help me significantly. I wear them occasionally, as needed, and am pleased with my purchase.

"Ovation Hearing Aid" - Bud
Pros: Purchased the left hearing aid. So far so good. But I've only had them for 2 weeks.

"Recommended" - Richard
Pros: My son works in the tech industry and he knew I was in need of some hearing assistance. He found this company after researching hearing aid companies. Based on his familiarity with researching online and with technology in general (he is NOT a hearing aid expert), I felt comfortable enough purchasing these online. I am glad I did.

The hearing aid works as advertised. I use them more than I originally anticipated, and have better experiences on a consistent basis because I do not have to strain to pay attention as hard as I once did.

I probably would not have purchased without the advice and initial research done by my son.
Cons: It does take a bit of fiddling with the control to figure out the right setting for the right situation. Typically I only adjust the volume control when changing environments.

"Good Hearing Aids" - Andy K.
Pros: Good quality in the hearing aids at an attractive & affordable price point.

"Original concerns alleviated" - Jon
Pros: I did my research, and through this, found the pricing of hearing aids to be extremely high. Too high to buy, originally. I think there's a number of factors for the high prices of hearing aids; namely middle-men.

When finding Ovation, the concept made sense, but I was still skeptical. This was quelled by the risk free trial, and more so after I called and spoke with Cory. He seemed knowledgeable and further explained the risk free trial so I felt comfortable enough to try.

I'm glad I did. The hearing aids work. It did take a while to get used to the sound of my voice being so loud. The rest was a very short acclimation process. My colleagues can tell the difference almost as much as I can.

Thank you, Ovation. I hope they hold up and continue to deliver the quality I experienced out of the box.

"Ovation Boost Hearing Aid" - Patty
Pros: I've used 2 separate "high priced" hearing aids over the past 7 years, then decided to try the Ovation Boost as I was fed up with the costs. I was shocked that the Boost is VERY similar to one of the high priced aids I had. I have recommended to 2 friends. The volume control is easy to use and a nice to have feature.

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