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The Importance of Dry Boxes

In other blog posts, we’ve expressed the importance of caring for your hearing devices. Here, we’ll discuss Dry Boxes and the role they play in keeping your device functioning at its full capacity.

Moisture and its Effects on Hearing Aids

Moisture can affect all hearing devices. Through humidity, sweat, or any number of ways moisture might creep into the device, once it’s in, it can cause performance issues. These issues range from distorted sound, to weakened battery life, or even battery corrosion and full device failure. A general rule of thumb is at the end of the day, take your battery out, keep the battery door open, and leave the device out to dry while you’re asleep. This stops day-to-day moisture from building up and causing lasting problems with your device. It’s an important step in keeping your device functioning smoothly for as long as possible. However, simply putting it out to dry on its own won’t fully dry the device out.

The Benefits of Dry Boxes

That’s why there are Dry Boxes. Dry Boxes pump a consistent flow of warm air on your devices to get rid of any moisture that could potentially cause performance issues. On top of that, they dry out any ear wax - making it easier to clean out (Note: ear wax is the most common cause of performance issues in hearing aids). Higher-end models will even add in a UVC irradiation feature which gets rid of bacteria, fungi, and harmful microorganisms. They also make a great storage space for your devices when you take them off at night. Dry Boxes are simple to use -- all you need to do is take the battery out, keep the battery door open, set them in the box and press a button to dry start the drying process.


  • Gets rid of all moisture trapped inside device
  • Significantly prolongs life of device
  • Dries out ear wax in or on device
  • Some models have a UVC irradiation cleaning feature
  • Convenient storage space while device is not in use


  • While they can help dry out fully-submerged devices, there’s a chance even dry boxes won’t restore FULL functionality to those devices.
  • Not ALL devices have the UVC irradiation cleaning feature

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