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Imagine: Hearing Loss Facts

Imagine the Olympics without the roar of the crowd. The figure skaters flying over the ice in graceful silence.

What about the evening news with no sound?

And can you begin to imagine the frustration of missing your baby’s first words?

One hearing loss fact is that every day, nearly 50 million Americans with hearing loss have experiences like these. It can happen to anybody. Exposure to loud noises, some illnesses, heredity, aging, and even antibiotics used to save lives can make people hard of hearing.

Facts about hearing loss and it's causes Members of the US Army firing a mortar in northeastern Afghanistan. (AP Photo)

Another hearing loss fact is that 60% of all American soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan come home with some form of hearing loss caused by exposure to bombs and explosions. The Pentagon says it’s the number one injury from these two conflicts.
The image that only older people have hearing loss is a myth. The respected Journal of the American Medical Association found one in five teenagers today has some hearing loss. Ten years ago the rate was one in seven. The experts blame the increase on noisy rock concerts and ear buds turned up too high.
You would think most people who are hard of hearing would do something about it, right?

Unfortunately, common sense doesn’t win in this battle. Only one in five people of any age gets treated and that can spell disaster for their over-all health. Studies have repeatedly shown that untreated hearing loss socially isolates people, and can lead to clinical depression and dementia.

With so much more to lose than hearing, it’s sobering to learn why anybody would choose to just “get by” with diminished hearing.

One reason is stigma. But the BIG killer is cost.

Just one digital hearing aid can set you back more than $2,000.00. So if you need devices in both ears they can run over $4,000.00 depending on which style you pick and the number of functions the hearing aids perform.

Very few Americans can afford to write a check for $4,000.00. Most health insurance plans don’t cover hearing aids or pay just a small portion of the cost and Medicare has never covered them.

No wonder so many millions of people are unable to afford hearing instruments.

The standard process of purchasing a hearing aid is also complicated. Before the instruments finally get to you, doctors, audiologists, salespeople and the manufacturer are all usually involved. At every step along the way somebody is getting paid for a service. That’s why hearing aids are so expensive and beyond the financial reach of most Americans.

But now there’s a new, affordable way to tackle your hearing loss with cutting edge technology sold directly to you with no middle men.

Ovation Hearing has developed high quality, FDA approved, digital hearing aids for people with mild to moderate hearing loss that can be individually programmed to address your specific hearing loss.

The best part?

The Ovation model eliminates markup costs associated with the traditional hearing aid model. The Ovation model eliminates markup costs associated with the traditional hearing aid model.

Ovation Hearing sells the instruments DIRECTLY to you for a fraction of what the typical big brands in the industry charge.

We’re doing this because we truly believe that when it comes to hearing loss the playing field isn’t even. Ovation is busting down the door that has been closed to Americans who’ve been unable to pay for a chance to get back into the conversation.

Because everyone deserves the chance to live life to the fullest.

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