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Choosing the Best Hearing Aids

There are a lot of different hearing aids on the market, each offering different features, styles, and cater to varying types of hearing loss. Follow this simple guideline to learn how to find the best hearing aid that fits with your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Have your hearing tested

Choosing the best hearing aids for you depends entirely on the degree and type of hearing loss you are experiencing. Have your hearing tested to find the exact degree of your impairment. It may range from normal (a loss of 10 to 15 decibels) to profound (loss of 91 or more decibels).

Consider your lifestyle

What do you need a hearing aid for? Someone who needs a hearing aid in order to hear the television better may want a different hearing aid than an outdoorsy person. For instance, someone who is frequently active outdoors may need a device that is protected from the wind, while someone who needs to talk on the phone frequently may want an “in-the-canal” hearing aid.

Personal style

Each hearing aid will contain the same parts that deliver sound to your ear, but they will vary in style and how they fit in your ear. There are two main types of hearing aids: in-the-canal hearing aids and behind-the-ear hearing aids.

In-the-canal hearing aids are generally smaller and more expensive. These hearing aids, as you may have guessed, fit inside your ear canal. In-the-canal hearing aids are not as visible or noticeable as other types of hearing aids, but they may not fit well in small ears. A significant benefit of going with this type of hearing aid is that it is less likely to pick up wind noise because the ear will protect it from the wind.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids fit behind your ear and carry sound through a short cord that feeds into your ear canal. These are generally larger and more expensive hearing devices, but are suitable for most any type of hearing loss.

How does it look?

Hearing aids are meant to be worn every day all day long, so you want to get something you are comfortable wearing all the time. This means you need to get something that suits your personal style. Many who are conscious of how the hearing aid looks on them may opt for in-the-ear hearing aids, which are virtually imperceptible.


How much a hearing aid costs is probably one of the most important aspects that you are checking for. With so many hearing aids on the market, choosing the best hearing aids is almost wholly dependent on what you can afford.

Ovation Hearing offers affordable and quality hearing devices, making choosing the best hearing aids easy. Our most affordable option is the Elite Hearing Aid, which is $549, a fraction of what competitors may charge for a hearing device of the same quality. It is a small behind-the-ear hearing aid and comes in two colors, black and also beige for concealment. Because of its small size and power, it is best for mild to moderate hearing loss.

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