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Caring for Your Ovation Hearing Aids

Earwax buildup and moisture are two of the most common causes of problems in hearing aids. Earwax can clog the device’s ear tube and microphone, preventing amplified sound from passing into your ear, while moisture can damage the internal circuitry of the device. Both of these issues can lead to decreased performance of your hearing aid and potentially even render them unusable. However, there a few simple steps you can take to keep your device clean, dry, and performing at its best for years to come:

  • Clean your device regularly. Perhaps the single most important thing you can do to keep your hearing aid performing at its peak level is to perform regular cleanings. In fact, it’s so important, that we recommend cleaning your device on a daily basis. We include a cleaning brush and cleaning wire with all of our devices and accessory kits to help you with this process. We recommend removing the ear tube and tip (if applicable) from your device and use the brush and wire to dislodge and clear any earwax or other debris from them. Additionally, be sure to also clean the microphone port on the device and use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe down the device case to remove any unwanted moisture. We include easy-to-read user guides with each of our hearing aids to walk you through this process.
  • Occasionally replace your ear tubes and tips. While daily cleanings will keep your ear tubes and tips clean and dry, these hearing aid accessories aren’t designed to last forever. Over time, it is natural for ear tubes and tips to become discolored, become misshapen, and/or suffer from small rips or tears. The good news is that we’ve made it easy for you to give your device a ‘tune up’ by combining all of the accessories you need into convenient Accessory Kits. Kits are available for all of our devices and contain enough supplies to perform regular tip, tube and battery replacements for 4-6 months. Simply find the kit that matches your device and select your preferred ear tip style.
  • Store your hearing aids in a safe, dry place. Because moisture (including water and sweat) and extreme temperatures can damage your hearing aid’s internal electronics, it is important that you store your device in a dry, stable environment. Avoid places that are subject to direct sunlight, have extreme temperature changes, and are high in humidity (such as a bathroom). The best place to store your devices, when you are not using them, is in a Hearing Aid Drybox. These units use a consistent flow of warm air to reliably dry your device and prevent damage from moisture. Additionally, some dryboxes (like our Avantgarde model) feature UVC irradiation which eliminates 99% of all harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses as well as multi-resistant germs. So, not only can dryboxes significantly extend the useful life of your hearing aid by keep them dry, but they can also reduce infections and inflammations of the ear.

Your hearing is important to us. And we’re confident that following these few simple steps will help you enjoy all the great benefits that an Ovation Hearing Aid can provide you with for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about these helpful products, visit our Accessories page, or contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-595-8101.

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